Film Locations in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is one of the most sought-after filming locations in Europe. Prague, the Barrandov film studios, Kutná Hora, or Bohemian Paradise – those are only some of the destinations popular with foreign film crews. In the past two years alone, almost 60 international film and television projects have been shot in the Czech Republic!

Films Mostly Shot in Prague

Prague has always attracted filmmakers; according to the Czech Film Commission, which supports international productions, Prague can easily replace Paris or London, cities that are much more expensive. But even better news is that Prague has more and more often served as Prague itself in the movies.

The fifth film in the popular vampire series, Underworld: Blood Wars (2016), was mostly made in the Czech Republic. About 70 percent of the film was made in five Barrandov sound stages, and the rest on location around the country. For example, shooting in Prague took place at the Main Train Station; on Španělská, Vinohradská, Ke Hradu, and Nerudova streets; and on the Prague boardwalk; shoots in České Budějovice took place at the chateau of Hluboká, and in Kutná Hora  at St. Barbara’s Cathedral.
The historical drama The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017) needed more than just the Prague and its surroundings. Crews transformed Josefov Fortress in Jaroměř, East Bohemia, into the Warsaw Ghetto, and the square in Žatec, one of the oldest royal towns known for growing hops and brewing beer, represented other parts of Warsaw. The Warsaw Zoo replica was built completely at the Prague Fairgrounds.

The same applies to the crews of Borg McEnroe (2017). They shot at locations in Göteborg, Stockholm, Prague, London, and Monaco, but most of the movie was made in Prague. The central Wimbledon court was recreated in the Štvanice tennis court where scenes of the 1980 Wimbledon finale were shot.

The historical thriller Anthropoid (2016) was shot in Prague’s Resslova street near St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral. The crypt where the parachutists hid from the Nazis was built on the Barrandov lot, at 1:1 scale. Other Czech locations included Zvonařka and Invalidovna. The winter scenes were made in hot July on artificial snow in the former military grounds in Brdy, Central Bohemia.

TV Series

The British-American historical series Britannia, which has been broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Amazon Prime Video in the US since January 2018, immediately gained a similar level of interest as Games of Thrones. The story takes place in the year 43 AD, as the Roman Empire was trying to conquer Great Britain. The filmmakers also used Prague Barrandov studios, as well as formations in the  Bohemian Karst - Velká Amerika quarry near Karlštejn, Prachov Rocks and Hrubá skála in Bohemian Paradise. Film tourism is very popular among British tourists, so the travel agency On Foot Holidays has seized this opportunity and started guiding tourists on active holidays in the footsteps of the Britannia series.