Museum of Czech Folk Costumes in Ostrov
Discover the largest private collection of historical rural clothing in Czechia. This unique museum showcases over 300 complete folk costumes from all Czech folk costume regions.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of 18th and 19th-century Czech rural attire, learn about their owners, materials used, and the cost of clothing during that time. The costumes exhibiton is accompanied by historical objects related to textile processing, spinning, and weaving. Admire the intricate scarves, delicate lace, ribbons, hats, buttons, and costume dolls that complement the collection.

Housed in a Baroque chateau, the museum in Ostrov is the only one in Czechia that presents the folk costumes of all Czech regions, i.e. Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian, and thus also the historical attire of the costume areas of the German-speaking population, the Moravian Charvatans and the Silesian Poles.