National Museum

National Museum

Discover the very best material heritage the Czech Republic has to offer.

Collections of material evidence from the territory that now forms the modern-day Czech Republic as well as from abroad. History, nature, anthropology, and art: all this awaits you at the National Museum in Prague. Come and see for yourself the famous historical building and one the oldest and largest museums in the Czech Republic.  

History of the Museum

The National Museum in Prague, whose Historical building is located right in the city centre on Wenceslas Square, was founded more than 200 years ago in 1818 as ‘The Patriotic Museum in Bohemia’, with the natural science collection of the Czech aristocracy playing a significant role in its foundation. The building in which the museum is based today was completed in 1890 and is a beautiful example of the precise Neo-Renaissance style. The building has recently undergone long-awaited restoration work, allowing you to admire the art of past generations.

More Than Just a Single Exhibition in a Single Building

Today, the National Museum has the significant task of archiving and exhibiting everything which is or will be of historical value. The museum presents collections in both permanent exhibitions and temporary themed exhibitions.

If you would like to visit every branch of the National Museum, one day will not be enough. You will have to visit more than 10 locations in Prague and the surrounding area, where almost 20 permanent exhibitions can be seen. The largest permanent exhibition of items – from mineralogical to historical objects – is located in the National Museum’s historical building on Wenceslas Square, where we recommend beginning your tour. In Prague you can then continue, for example, with the zoological exhibition Noah’s Ark in the New National Museum Building; the exhibits of the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures; the Czech Museum of Music; the Ethnographic Museum; or the National Memorial on Vítkov Hill.

The space available for permanent exhibits can only house a fraction of the items that are managed by the museum. For this reason, the museum organises themed exhibitions, which always focus on one field. You will always be able to read about the museum’s current exhibitions in English on the National Museum’s website.


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