In the centre of the town of Terezín stands a building that formerly housed an elementary school. Today it serves as a museum with an exhibition whose title speaks volumes: Terezín in the So-Called Final Solution to the Jewish Question, 1941 – 1945. The exhibition may be emotionally exhausting. However, visitors invariably get a huge amount out of it. Anybody who has any doubt about the real crimes of the Nazi regime ought to go.
The Ghetto Museum was opened in 1991. Its permanent exhibition maps the living conditions of Jews interned by the Nazis inside the walls of the Terezín ghetto. When the exhibition was being put together, the creators worked very closely with people who had experienced the place at first hand. Mainly thanks to them, visitors have the opportunity to view a large number of artefacts illustrating what the lives of prisoners were really like. However, the exhibition is not just bleak and depressing; it is full of positive energy, testifying to the fact that even when face to face with death people did not surrender their desire to live and love. As well as the exhibition the building contains a screening hall, while one-off exhibitions and lectures are also held.