Top theatres in Prague

Top theatres in Prague

Discover the theatres of Golden Prague

Audacious, unique, experimental, progressive and classical – these are just some of the ways contemporary theatre in Prague could be described. In this city of a hundred spires, as Prague is known, there are dozens of stages, from independent student troops, to experimental, “black light” and those occupying grand edifices such as the National Theatre. So head to Prague for a unique cultural experience at one of the city’s theatres!

No matter where you hail from, there’s no need for the language barrier to stop you visiting a Prague theatre. Choose from a unique array of theatre groups, whose tools of the trade are simply music, dance, movements and innovative productions. If you like fresh, young, experimental productions, be sure to attend a performance at the teatroNoD in Dlouhá Street, Alfréd ve dvoře in the suburb of Letná, the Ponec Theatre in Florenc and the legendary Archa on na Poříčí Street, one of the Czech Republic’s most renowned theatres.

The magic of black light theatre

To visit Prague and not attend a black light theatre is like leaving Italy without having a pizza. This dreamlike world of colour, weird and wonderful forms, music, special effects and hovering actors, all played out against a black backdrop, was invented here. Black light theatre is one of the highlights of the Czech cultural world and you can experience a performance at many well-known theatres such as the Jiří Srnec Theatre (the world’s first), Ta Fantastika, Metro and WOW.

On the Mozart trail

Or perhaps you prefer classic drama? If so, be sure to take in a performance at the Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov. The English subtitles projected during some performances make this a popular venue for foreign visitors. One of the best theatre venues in the country is the Na Vinohradech occupying a glorious neo-Classical building. The repertoire here includes international classics as well Czech pieces. Fancy visiting a theatre where history was made? Then come to the Estates Theatre for some Don Giovanni, an opera that has been performed here since the premier was conducted by Mozart himself.

The Nation unto Itself

Fancy an evening in the company of the country’s finest thespians? Then come and select from the programme at the National Theatre, which the Czechs affectionately call the “Golden Chapel”. The name “national” is a true description here as its construction was funded by a whip-round across the entire country. The building itself is quite an experience – one of the most beautiful neo-Renaissance structures in the Czech lands created by the most skilful artists of the day.