Doksy Château

Doksy Château

A Reminiscence of the Valdštejn Family

In the very centre of the historical town of Doksy in the Liberec region, you will find a château of the same name, which has been rising out of the ashes after an extensive reconstruction in the past few years. In the château, tourists will find a new information centre, a library, a municipal gallery as well as the legendary museum of Čtyřlístek, popular children’s comic book characters.

In June 2020, Doksy, which is 80 km north of Prague, opened a new trail dedicated to the history of the landmark and its most important owners - the Valdštejn family. Visitors can see family portraits of the owners, personal items, or a collection of weapons. New technologies have been given quite a bit of space at the Doksy Château, so you can walk through the area using QR codes, there is a large three-screen cinema, a multimedia drawing screen, or touch screens. 

The history of the château dates back to 1553, when Jan of Vartemberk started to build the château. After the Battle of White Mountain, the château was plundered by the imperial troops several times, and then it was acquired by Albrecht of Valdštejn, whose family helped it flourish. The Valdštejn family lived at the château from 1680 to 1945. After the château was confiscated by the Czechoslovak government, it was used by various institutions, such as the Military Research Centre, or a vocational school, and so the building was not accessible to the public for many years. Since 2015, when the town of Doksy acquired it, the château has been reconstructed and restored.  

Valdštejnská 183
472 01 Doksy