Mladá Boleslav

Mladá Boleslav

Do you know the city that is home to one of the most modern European carmakers, Škoda?

Mladá Boleslav, however, is not just a city of cars, but also has an attractive historic center. You will discover fascinating museums there and you can go on a trip to the ruins of a Gothic castle. A leaning tower called Putna is not as famous as her Italian colleague in Pisa, but has a similar tilt.

Castle, old town and medieval palace

The massive castle, which was built in the second half of the 10th century, contains exhibitions of the Museum of Mladá Boleslav. You will learn about the earliest history of the city in the medieval palace Temple. You can enjoy these unique exhibits using interactive multimedia programs, and children can avail themselves to an attractive archaeological field. You will also appreciate Old Town Square, lined with picturesque arcades and the so-called Metal Way with original audiovisual panels from the smithy of David Szalay. It will lead you around all the points of interest in Mladá Boleslav, but you can also have a look inside nooks that tourists are often unaware about.

Museum of Škoda cars and other good tips

Life in Mladá Boleslav has been greatly influenced by the founder of Škoda automaker, bookseller, able organizer and manager V. Klement (1868-1938) and talented mechanic and engineer V. Laurin (1869-1930). The automaker celebrated one hundred years of uninterrupted production by opening Škoda Auto Museum in the renovated buildings of its first factory Laurin & Klement. You are also invited to tour the factory.

A view of the city can be had from the tower of City Hall, and the leaning tower of the castle in Michalovice, which was supposedly undermined by mythical treasure seekers, is another curiosity on your excursion. Those who enjoy golf will certainly not be able to resist the 18-hole course SandMartin’s Holes.


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