The Bohemian Garden Baroque Triangle
Three distinct tourist destinations, all linked to the Baroque period, lie along the imaginary gateway to Bohemia – Porta Bohemica. The royal town of Litoměřice is in the centre of this “triangle”.


The royal town of Litoměřice celebrated 800 years since its foundation last year; it is a town with 104 landmarks registered in the national list of cultural heritage. Explore the history of poet K. H. Mácha, walk through the town Zwinger, climb up the magic hill of Radobýl, visit the vinicultural exposition at Litoměřice Castle, and the Ecclesiastical Landmark Loop Trail in the summer.

Ploskovice Chateau

Ploskovice Chateau, also called the “Baroque Gem of the North”, opens its gates in early spring, as like the beautiful Libochovice Chateau. Both chateaux offer tours of the interior – a main and a special tour. The gardens are also beautiful! You can see artificial grottos in the Ploskovice gardens, or beautiful greenhouses in the Libochovice park.


At the end of the Baroque wandering, visit one of the most perfect bastion fortresses in Europe – Terezín. The fortress, which should never have become a prison, but a defensive shield against Prussia, was built 150 years before World War II. The tour of the underground with period lanterns is a great experience.