Vinné lázně sv. Anežka Wine Spa
A warm bath in a wooden whirlpool tub with wine extracts will fill you with serenity and harmony. Relax your body and mind in a unique atmosphere and in complete privacy!

This Wine Spa is part of the Casa Marcello Prague hotel, which you can find just a few steps away from the Old Town Square. Relaxing baths in a wooden whirlpool tub with natural wine extracts can be complemented by a nourishing massage with the finest essential oils, which smooth the skin and calm even the most overworked mind and tired body. Afterwards, you can also thoroughly warm up your body in the sauna, which will relax stiff muscles and induce a beautiful feeling of harmony.


With relaxing music and candles by the lit fireplace, you will draw unusually deep soothing healing energy, thanks to which you will rise above everyday worries. For an even greater sense of well-being, a bottle of excellent chilled Trivento Chardonnay Chenin wine will be prepared for you, along with Römerquelle mineral water and a small fruit bowl.


Řásnovka 782/1
110 00 Praha 1