Flexible surgery or treatment dates, pre-operative preparations, subsequent care, and a broad range of related spa care are significant reasons for considering orthopaedic care in the Czech Republic. Age need not be a factor, with patients frequently being over the age of 80.

Why Choose the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic’s advantages in the area of orthopaedics, aside from highly qualified doctors and the latest equipment, also include implants from renowned manufacturers and follow-up rehabilitation medicine. Czech doctors use modern method. The aim is to shorten the patient’s hospital stay and to give preference to less invasive surgical procedures that help reduce post-operative pain and complications. Czech orthopaedists and physiotherapists are world-renowned for their excellent results in sports injury treatment. Czech rehabilitation medicine also has an excellent global reputation, specializing primarily in children’s movement pathology.

Surgery and Procedures Performed in the Czech Republic

Czech orthopaedic centres offer a complete range of orthopaedic operations and related care: pre-operative check-ups performed by an internist and anaesthesiologist, pre-operative preparation, surgery, and subsequent treatment including specialized rehabilitation. The latter can take place during the client’s stay at the clinic, or on an outpatient basis. Doctors are trained in the use of alloplastic surgery (replacement of tissue with artificial material) of the major joints using the latest methods, including guided surgery or mini-invasive methods. Foreign clients and those paying their own way will also appreciate short ordering times. Selected orthopaedic clinics and plastic surgery clinics specialize in endoprostheses of the shoulder and elbow joint, and of the small hand joints.

Preventive Check-ups

Preventive orthopaedics is a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s medical history and a physical check-up, orthopaedics-focused lab testing, use of imaging methods, consultation of the results with an orthopaedist, a conclusion and recommendations, as well as a medical report in a foreign language.

  • duration of check-up: various
  • total anaesthetic: no
  • hospitalization: none

Hip Joint Replacement

Total hip joint replacement is one of the most successful and frequent operations, not only in orthopaedics, but in medicine as such. In 2005, Czech Republic was among the first countries of Central and Eastern Europe to use a new mini-invasive method for hip joint surgery. This unique surgical procedure minimizes tissue damage and bears no risk of damage to muscles or ligaments. For patients, this means less pain, little swelling, lower blood loss, reduced risk of infections, and thus also early mobility, as soon as the day after the operation. Compared to all other minimally invasive methods, this type of operation can be used on almost all patients. It requires only one additional skin incision, without the need for repeated X-rays during surgery.

  • duration of surgery: 3-5 hours
  • total anaesthetic: yes (depending on the procedure)
  • total hospitalization time: 8 days

Follow-up Orthopaedic Care

Sports orthopaedics, sports medicine centres, and sports trauma centres are other areas in which Czech orthopaedists can offer their experience. In the area of sports orthopaedics, they can treat a wide range of injuries and post-injury conditions incurred during sports such as fractures, bruises, swellings, dislocations, joint, tendon, and ligament pain, and so on. Sports traumatology focuses on eliminating pain as quickly as possible and returning the athlete to his sport.