The bobsleigh run in Špindlerův mlýn attracts visitors of all ages throughout the year. You can select the speed that suits you best and then enjoy an adrenalin experience you’ll never forget. The track measures 1.4 kilometres including transport to the top and features 22 bends, 5 drops and 3 tunnels. You will travel at speeds of up to 65km/h. This exciting experience is enhanced by views of the Krkonoše Mountains’ highest peaks. One- and two-seat cars are suitable for all ages. You can ride the bobsleigh all year round and also all day long – the track even stays in operation well into the evening hours. If you are looking for further activities to get your adrenalin pumping, visit the Monkey Park rope centre, located directly under the bobsleigh track, and select from one of the various levels of difficulty!