In the country of Adam Ondra, a top rock climber in the world, regular fans of sports climbing, and various climbing attractions can find something to their liking. One of the paradises of such activities is the Liberec Region in the north of Bohemia with beautiful rocks, as well as fun climbing parks.

Natural Rock Climbing

Hruboskalsko Climbing Area

In the heart of the beautiful region of the Bohemian Paradise near the North Bohemian town of Turnov, you will find the central area of Skalák, considered to be the cradle of Czech sandstone rock climbing. There are over 400 towers that reach the height of 55 metres and they are so close to one another that rock climbers often walk from a rock to a rock, attached to a rope. There are towers with excellent climbing conditions, as well as those you can hike up with climbing routes covered in green moss. The central sectors are described in several new rock-climbing guides, but the classification can differ greatly from a sector to a sector. A good knowledge of slings is a prerequisite for successful climbing in Skalák.

The sandstone in Hruboskalsko is quite soft, and therefore requires careful climbing. It is absolutely necessary to observe the ban on climbing in wet conditions and within 48 hours following rain. The most famous and most popular towers in these rocks are: Blatník, Maják, Mnich, Zlatá vyhlídka, Podmokelská, Kapelník, Taktovka, Lebka, Dračí věž, Dračí zub, Daliborka, Osudová. 

Suché skály and Vranovský hřeben  

The rocks of Vranovský hřeben near the town of Turnov were pushed out of the ground and erected into a vertical position by tectonic activity. The characteristic silhouette of the sharp jagged rocks is an invitation to the fans of rock climbing from afar. In addition to Suché skály and Vranovský hřeben, the climbing area also includes Betlémské skály, Chléviště, Drábovna, Klokočské skály, Raubířské stěny and more. 
The solid sandstone resembles a mountainous terrain and offers amazing climbing experience. The possibility of climbing after rain thanks to the solid rock when softer sandstone in the surrounding areas would get damaged is an advantage. Another large rock formation with a sharp rock wall is Klokočské skály, with isolated rocks formed by weathering. From there, you can gradually get to Betlémské skály. The popular rocks include the mushroom-shaped rock with two gates called Trojnožka, or Děravec. In the north-east, you will find the ten-metre-tall rock called Zdenčina, the round outcrops of the Elephant Backs rise above the valley of the Klokočský stream.

Prachov Rocks  

The Prachov Rocks in the Bohemian Paradise are popular among both tourists and rock climbers. The giant sandstone rocks, interlaced with narrow paths and steep steps, rise above the forest. At the centre, there is a romantic rock town full of tall lean towers and pillars with deep and narrow gorges. This is where the rock-climbing history of the Czech Republic started.  The first people to climb the rocks came from the area of the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. One of the important rock towers is called after them – the Dresden. In 1907, a group of students founded a rock-climbing club – the Prachov Climbing Club and performed the first recorded ascents of Czech climbers to the rocks. There is a Czech flag that commemorates the first climb on top of the Prayer Rock (also called the Hand or Monk). The Prachov Climbing Club is still active today and its members are the best of Czech alpinism. 
The entire climbing area is on the private property of the Schlik family. Climbing is only permitted with the owners’ consent and under the condition of strict adherence to the rules. 

Climbing Arenas and Walls  

Makak Arena in Jablonec nad Nisou 
The unique climbing Makak Arena was built in one of the oldest buildings in Jablonec nad Nisou, in the old Brandl roundhouse. Makak Climbing s. r. o. used to manufacture rock climbing equipment and climbing walls there. Later, they built a hall, with dimensions of 14 by 30 metres and an area of more than 2,000 m², which made this arena one of the largest climbing centres in the Czech Republic. Visitors can find over 90 ascent lines and 180 routes there, both for complete beginners and professional climbers. If you are not a fan of climbing with ropes, you can try the popular boulder wall with 230 m², Moonboard or various campus profiles. The arena also includes an equipment rental shop, a shop with accessories, and some refreshments. 

Šutr Rock Climbing Centre  
You can visit a unique rock-climbing wall in the very centre of the town of Liberec. The Šutr centre offers a wide range of walls for versatile climbing, bouldering, and additional training. Climbing there can compare with natural materials, such as rocks, thanks to the used various materials. The highest climbing towers reach the height of up to 11.5 metres. The overall area is 1,300 m², and in addition to 243 complete routes and 80 vertical lines, rock climbers also appreciate the wide range of climbing forms - overhangs, nooks, cracks, stack, corridor, or edges. Bouldering is a popular climbing discipline, and it is designed based on the latest trends, with training panels and tools. The Šutr climbing wall is a great choice for attractive leisure. Visitors can spend hours there thanks to all the options and facilities, especially when the weather is bad.   

Rope Climbing Centres  

Žlutá plovárna  

In the Bohemian Paradise, at Malá Skála on the bank of River Jizera, you will find one of the largest rope climbing centres in the Liberec Region. The SUNDISK rope climbing centre is a part of the Žlutá plovárna outdoor facility, where you can find a boat and scooter rental, as well as other options for leisure activities. The rope climbing centre consists of ten-metre-high wooden poles, indigenously linked with steel ropes, and mounted to the ground. Only certified material is used, and the strictest safety procedures are followed there. You will be backed up by trained instructors. The rope climbing centre includes 25 obstacles for individuals, pairs, as well as groups. The most popular attractions include the 85-metre-long lift, Tarzan jump, or climbing in a cobweb. The rope climbing centre offers several fun climbing programmes, a final ride in the lift and various team-building games for groups.  

Monkey Park Harrachov  

The Monkey Park is situated around the last turn of the Harrachov bobsleigh track. It has been gradually modified and expanded until today’s, extremely attractive form, with a total of 29 obstacles in a total length of 403 metres. Visitors can look forward to an excellent experience during the adrenalin-high 117-metre-long zip line above a mountain lake. You can enjoy obstacles suspended on ropes among trees at a height of 3 to 7 metres, the highest at 9 metres. There are special “bases” attached to the trees between the individual obstacles where you can have a rest, or you can just keep going. Every visitor receives the required expert instructions before starting the “MonkeyPark Harrachov” obstacles and there are instructors who supervise him or her along the way. Each climber gets special professional gear, including two slings that are connected to the securing rope at all times. Visitors thus have double protection from falling for the entire time.