Central Bohemian Highlands
A countryside split by the Elbe River, overlooked by strange hills, so implausibly shaped and hardly believable that even a poet’s fantasy cannot find words.
The land swells with tremendous volcanic force and is calmed by the lives of people, the first Slavs, an area of legends and the most famous Czech myths with Říp hill, which grows directly from Czech souls. A labyrinth of cones, heaps, pyramids, loaves and solitary giants. The realm of Queen Milešovka and King Házmburk. Their vassals are hills so strange and weird that one cannot believe it – Plešivec Mountain, where you can find ice even in hot June, and its brother Boreč, a fiery mountain where green grass and moss grow in spite of the bitter frost, and which breathes heat from its bowels, as well as the unshaken stone suns in the meadows by Třebívlice. The earth is rich with garnets that explode with their dark crimson lustre. People have built proud estates here – the Baroque Libochovice, the Renaissance Budyně with its alchemist history, the Rococo Ploskovice, as well as proud towns including the medieval Úštěkwith bird’s houses extending to the skies, chapels and calvaries near Ostrý, as well as a stone ship in the forest, the majestic ruins of Helfenburk Castle, the noble Roudnice tightly knit around the Lobkovice Château monument, the world famous Terezín with its gloomy history, a silent witness to the peak of human intolerance, the picturesque Litoměřicecrowned with the noble Dómský hill and the steeple of the Cathedral of St. Stephen, and the still undiscovered Ústí nad Labem, about which few people think of as a town of waterfalls and beautiful countryside. A region of grapevine which, in spite of being so far north, produces delicious juice and wines that are famous and highly sought after, as well as Porta Bohemica, the spectacular wide Elbe River bend, and the mysterious table mountains around Verneřice, in the shade of the Buková Mountain.