Prague – Art District 7

Prague – Art District 7

Visit the Prague quarter dedicated to art, culture, creativity, and bohemian lifestyles.

Most world capitals have an artists’ district, an area dedicated to creativity and multi-genre expression of unconventional opinions and views of the world. And Prague is no exception. The local art district is called Art District 7. Creativity has no limits there, the life there is real and the people are real, too.  

A Never-Ending Happening

Holešovice, Bubeneč, and Letná in Prague 7 is a distinctive creative and artistic district with a high concentration of galleries, theatres, cafés, and important cultural institutions. It’s no wonder, then, that the atmosphere of Art District 7 resembles Berlin. Only a few metro stations from the centre of Prague, you can walk through an interwoven network of galleries, museums, theatres, cafés, restaurants, music clubs, creative studios, and hybrid cultural spaces. Moreover, Art District 7 is unique in that it is a combination of official institutions, corporate entities in the creative sector, and community-based cultural organisations. According to The Independent 2017 travel-blogger rating, this unique mix makes Prague 7 the 15th best district in Europe.

Centre of Culture and Art

The architecturally unique Trade Fair Palace, which holds the National Gallery’s modern art collections, is one of the natural centres of the neighbourhood. The multifunctional space of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a counterpart; it was created thanks to a private initiative reconstructing an old factory. Particularly distinctive is the Gulliver Blimp on the roof of the building, a 42-metre steel and wood structure that works as an alternative space where modern art and literature meet. Nearby, there is the creative Vnitroblock Centre with an unusual café, a dance studio, and a theatre and cabaret space all in one. The cultural centre of Továrna Dělnická transformed a disused industrial building into art studios and exhibition spaces, and it is basically an indoor public square. The multimedia Prague Market is not only dedicated to trade: it also holds theatres, clubs, and alternative cultural spaces. The Holešovice Port has also become a natural community centre. Bio Oko is a cinema that does not follow the dictate of blockbusters and focuses on the art of film. The National Technical Museum is the largest Czech institution specialising in technical collections, and many pieces are more than a hundred years old. Also, Letná Park, with its original kinetic sculpture of a giant metronome, is well worth a stroll.