DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

A multifunctional space in a former factory building in one of Prague’s trendiest districts.

DOX is more than just an exhibition space. Through its exhibitions and presentations of current international and Czech art, it tries to open current topics for discussion, which is further developed by the accompanying programs, public events, film screenings, interactive workshops and public happenings.
The name DOX is derived from the Greek word doxa, which means, among other things, way of understanding things, opinion, conviction. And the program of the center located in Prague's district of Holešovice is doing its best to live up to its name. Its art projects and critical reflections of current topics make it different from other institutions, with an overlap to non-artistic disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, history, sociology or political science.

Visitors to DOX can also enjoy its exquisite café with a terrace, a design shop and bookshop. The Center for Contemporary Art was selected the best gallery in Prague by the visitors several times. Which is no small achievement, given the number of competitors!


Poupětova 1
170 00 Praha 7