Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst

Delve deep into the Moravian Karst

The largest and most beautiful karst area in central Europe is a place where visitors have their breath taken clean away. The main attraction here is the famous Macocha Abyss, some 138m deep and steeped in terrifying myths and legends. Without doubt the Moravian Karst is one of the natural wonders of the Czech Republic, which will wow every visitor.

Across the karst area you have the possibility to visit five caves. In addition to the caves, the Pustý and Suchý žleb canyons as well as the Bílé vody Sink are as remarkable as they are typical for a karst area. Another dominant feature of the Moravian Karst is the Rudické Sink where the water from the Jedovnický Stream gradually burrows its way underground to a depth of 90m, reappearing 12km away near Býčí Cliff.

Idyllic boat trips and scary tales

To tour the Punkva Caves you can take a boat which sails along the subterranean River Punkva. Here you’ll see a mysterious world and wonder at the sight of the 138m-deep Macocha Abyss from the bottom. The abyss was created when the roof of a large cave fell in. According to local legend, Macocha (in Czech similar to the word for “stepmother”) got its name when an evil stepmother wanted to get rid of her husband’s son to claim an inheritance. She lured him into the woods and cast him into the abyss. But her conscience got the better of her and in the end she jumped in as well. Sail across three lakes to the fairytale (Masaryk) dome. Giant, weird and wonderful stalagmites and stalactites also provide more sensation.

Outlandish rock formations in the gloom

The entrance to the Kateřinské Caves is a Gothic portal, through which you reach the Main Dome, the largest subterranean space in the Moravian Karst area and a concert venue thanks to its great acoustics. Stick-like stalagmites up to 4m long, colourfully up-lit forms that resemble witches, a bamboo forest and sheep are some of the unique sights in this cave system. The Sloupsko-šošůvské Caves can be found near the town of Sloup. Here a huge complex of domes, passageways and yawning underground abysses awaits. You’ll see dripstone, sinter and nickamine formations and special stalagmite forms called candlesticks. Výpustek Cave, a kind of labyrinth, was once a place of ritual. It was here that the bones of prehistoric animals were unearthed. Balcarka Cave enchants visitors with its dripstone decoration and passageways on two levels.

Where next?

The entire Moravian Karst area is located near the capital of Moravia, Brno. Křtiny is an important pilgrimage site built by the prolific architect, Jan Blažej Santini. The Wild West park at Boskovice attracts families with children, as does the local chateau and the rich Jewish rich heritage the town boasts.

So come and discover the fascinating realm of the Moravian Karst and the surrounding area!