At first glance, it may appear that a spaceship has landed on the peak of the majestic Ještěd Mountain. This unusual structure in the form of a hyperboloid, which houses a hotel and a television transmitter, is a symbol of the region. Make your stay even more enjoyable by visiting its restaurant, or climb to its peak and delight in wonderful views of the entire Jizera Mountains.

A tram from Liberec will conveniently take you all the way to Ještěd Mountain. The modern building at the peak of the mountain was designed by the Czech architect Karel Hubáček; its uniqueness won attention beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, earning him the “Oscar of architecture”, the prestigious Perett Prize. You will see at first glance just how perfectly the building’s shape follows the line of the mountain, elegantly fitting into the local landscape.

If you are looking for a genuinely not to be repeated experience, you can stay at Ještěd and enjoy a romantic visit with a view that you will not forget easily. In summer, Ještěd is a great starting point for trips to the Jizera Mountains, the Lázně Libverda spa or to the Frýdlant and Sychrov chateaux. In winter, it boasts well kept slopes and a cross-country skiing route, a cable car and a ski jumping centre.



Hotel Ještěd, Horní Hanychov 153
460 08 Liberec 8