It might not be the largest or the most beautiful castle, and it does not have a large park, but it is a popular destination for many tourists and adventurers. This mysterious castle near Lake Máchovo in Central Bohemia attracts visitors with the legend on a rift to the Hell and a convict who was lowered down into the rift. The Hell gateway is allegedly guided by a terrible faceless black monk, but no-one knows where exactly it is. Some look for it in the local chapel, others in the castle well; whatever your fantasy tells you. The rock that penetrates through the entire castle is an oddity. You can see parts of it outside in the courtyard, as well as inside the castle. The courtyard has amazing acoustics, thanks to which Houska has become a popular place for organising various concerts.
The countryside around the castle is beautiful and invites visitors to bike rides or strolls. You can visit many interesting castles and châteaux nearby, such as Bezděz, Ralsko or Kokořín.