The Magdeburg Barracks in Terezín
When the Nazis converted the Terezín military fortress into a prison and Jewish ghetto, they decided to impose a system of self-governance, as they did with other concentration camps and ghettos. It could, therefore, look from the outside like an estate inhabited by contented Jewish families.  
The Jewish ghetto’s local government was headquartered in the former Magdeburg Barracks building. It officially took care of the internal affairs of the ghetto, though all important issues were fully under the control of camp SS command. Opened in 1997 following renovations, the Magdeburg Barracks today features a replica of prison barracks from the ghetto period and other items, though its main function is as the venue for an exhibition on the ghetto’s artistic and cultural life. This includes artefacts relating to music, the visual arts, literature and theatre that attest to the huge desire of the forced inhabitants for a little humanity and hope in concentration camp conditions. Alongside the exhibition the building houses an educational Meeting Centre.