The Czech natural landscape boasts several European “bests”. One of them lies in the heart of the fabulous Bohemian Switzerland. Its symbol, the Pravčická brána (Pravčická Sandstone Gate), is tthe biggest natural sandstone arch in Europe. Its monumental height and the mass of this rock formation will totally amaze you – the dimensions of this rock arch are truly impressive.

When you stand directly under the Pravčická brána it will seem even larger. This sandstone arch has a span of 27 metres and rises up to a height of 21 metres. At its narrowest point, however, it is relatively thin, therefore its top is inaccessible. Beautiful views of this unique natural formation, however, can be enjoyed from several nearby look-out points. Directly below the Pravčická brána you can relax at the romantic chateau called Sokolí hnízdo (meaning Falcon’s Nest).

A place full of inspiration

Bohemian Switzerland offers much more than just the Pravčická brána. Lace up some good hiking shoes and set off along the marked trails to explore more of its beauty. Do not miss the romantic Hřenské soutěsky (Hřensko gorges) or Gabrielina stezka (Gabriela’s Trail), which leads past bizarre sandstone rock formations. The fact that the Pravčická brána has a fairytale atmosphere is evidenced by the fact that the famous Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote part of “The Snow Queen” here. The Pravčická brána has also enchanted Hollywood filmmakers, who shot several scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia here.


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