Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland

Enjoy a trip into the fairytale landscape of Bohemian Switzerland

A mystical landscape of pine forests and deep valleys, with majestic rock towers, gates, walls, ravines, rock cities and labyrinths rising up from them. This description fits the Bohemian Switzerland National Park precisely. This empire of rocks is home to the rarest of animals and also plays host to remarkable plants.

The story of this area started many millions of years ago, when the area of today’s Bohemian Switzerland was covered by a shallow sea. Its sandy bed gave birth to a world of sandstone, rock towers, bridges and gates with the most diverse of shapes. The actual name “Bohemian Switzerland” is derived from the name Saxon Switzerland, which is used for the German part of the Elbe sandstone rocks. It was the Swiss painters Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff, who worked at the Academy in Dresden and painted the landscape along the Elbe, who had a hand in giving the area its romantic name.

The inimitable atmosphere of romantic gorges

One of the gateways to this unique landscape is Hřensko, from which several nature trails lead into the surrounding gorges. Some of the way is intertwined with a labyrinth of rocks, tunnels and footbridges. Some stretches can only be travelled on small boats with a gondolier. The romance of the local gorges with their crystal clear water and high walls of sandstone rocks covered in moss and ferns will seem absolutely irresistible to you.

The symbol of the park is Pravčická brána

One of the most popular nature trails is the Gabriel Trail. This leads from the settlement of Mezní Louka right up to the famous Pravčická brána. This monumental rock arch, which is the largest in the whole of Europe, is markedly reminiscent of a formation in the famous American park Arches. On the way, beautiful views will open out over the surrounding landscape, above all from the highest hill in the whole park Růžovský vrch.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature…

The best way to get to know Bohemian Switzerland is to walk through its fairytale countryside, mystical gorges, to enjoy the views far into the distance and to listen to the murmuring of the crystal clear Kamenice Stream. Only in this way will you appreciate the unique atmosphere of the national park, which has also earned the EDEN award.


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