The founder, a local businessman, Josef Schwan, first built a small house with two peat baths near the rich peat bogs. The spa buildings got a new look and in 1914 a sanatorium was built for the patients, but also for convalescents, especially soldiers from the First World War. In 1933, the spa was considered one of the most modern in our republic.

Come and unwind…

The location of Spa uses the favourable climatic conditions of the Ještěd Mountain, which protects Lázně Kundratice from cold northeast winds. The landscape around the spa is rich in pine forests, groves, meadows and ponds.

Peat with a high iron and sulphur content is used here as a natural curative resource. Kundratice Spa provides its guests with procedures that have a very beneficial effect on the locomotive apparatus especially: rheumatic arthritis, Bechterew's disease, functional disorders of the spine (spinal blockade), or chronic disc syndromes and conditions after disc surgery.

Where next?

The countryside offers ideal conditions for cycling and hiking in the nearby Ještěd mountain. The city of Liberec offers visitors the city's bustle and cultural activities. The local Liberec Zoo is the only place in the Czech Republic where you can white tigers or you can treat yourself to some blissful relaxation at Babylon Centre. Golf fans will enjoy the opportunity to play on the 18-hole course Golf Club Liberec.