Are you a mountain bike fan, but not a lover of classic woodland tracks and paths? Want to get the maximum out of you bike rides, enjoy a real work out and see a piece of the country? Then don’t miss the Singltrek trails around Mount Smrk! Check your bike, strap on your helmet and head out for the ride of your life in the stunning landscapes of the Jizera Mountains!

The Singltrek trails around Mount Smrk are the first of their kind in the Czech Republic and continental Europe. These trails follow old routes that were created in the early 20th century. They meander among the trees, and never run level, uphill or downhill for long. They fully respect the woodland environment but are designed for you to enjoy your ride to the max. The trails also lead across the slopes of Mount Smrk, which at 1,124m is the highest mountain in the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains.

Rides for beginners, children, and the disabled

Whether you are almost joined at the hip with your mountain bike or are a novice rider, these Singltrek trails are gauged according to difficulty, and there’s a one for everyone. The green trail is best for beginners, children and the disabled, with gentle slopes, no obstacles and wider surfaces. This can provide a perfect opportunity to teach the kids how to ride. If you’ve mastered the mountain bike riding technique, but don’t feel confident enough to tackle more challenging terrain, the blue trail is for you. This trail has no mean climbs or ascents, but undulates and is fun, safe and completely clear of impediments.

Trails for the masters

Why not make your ride that bit more dynamic? Setting out along the red trail you can look forward to perfect mountain biking terrain, ideal for those who know how to handle their two-wheelers. This trail hugs the terrain allowing you to play on the bike and giving a smooth ride, but with some pleasant hops along the way. Can you keep full concentration and control over your bike? If so, why not to try the challenging black trail that will test your riding skills to the full. Some unexpected obstacles and jumps need quick reactions but will delight most. The reward is the joy of an intensely physical, energetic and technically difficult ride, incomparable to a ride in any other terrain.

One of the best in the world

Around Mount Smrk you can choose from 55km of Singltrek trails, which along with approach routes mean a total of 70km of riding. Irrefutable proof of the quality of these trails is the fact that they have been rated as one of the seven best mountain bike destinations in the world by the IMBA. “Singltrek pod Smrkem” has thus become the first place in Europe to win this accolade. You’re certainly guaranteed an enjoyable ride, that’s for sure!