A city on the Elbe

Come and visit this North Bohemian city that unfolds in the wide basin of both banks of the Elbe River. On one side, you can see the substantial chateau towering above you, on the other, the cliff called Pastýřská stěna (Shepherd's Wall). The Elbe River dissects the city from south to north, and just outside it, the river begins to meander its way through the fairy tale landscape of the Elbe sandstone formations with massive sandstone walls and deep forests. Nearby, you will also find lookout towers with stunning views of the countryside.

A dominating chateau

For several centuries, the dominant feature of the North Bohemian city of Děčín has been the majestic chateau that sits atop a cliff above the confluence of the Elbe and Ploutnice rivers. If you visit during tourist season, from April through October, in addition to the carefully restored interiors and local museum exhibits, do not miss out on a visit to the baroque Rose Garden on the northern chateau terrace, with a sala terrena, gloriette, and lovely views of the city. The garden was established in the 19th century, when the owner of the chateau was reconstructing the building into his representative estate. At the time, there were so many different varieties of roses growing in the garden that its owner could boast having one of the largest and most beautiful collections of these shrubs in the entire country.

The Shepherd's Wall

Across from the chateau, on a 150-metre cliff called Pastýřská stěna (Shepherd's Wall) stands a holiday restaurant with a lookout tower. Over the past centuries, it has become one of the main draws to Děčín, and has earned the reputation of the place with the most beautiful views of the city.

A visit to Shepherd's Wall is not only worthwhile because of the holiday restaurant with views of the city and chateau, but children will certainly appreciate the Děčín zoological gardens. While you are there, do not forget to tour the Rajské ostrovy (Paradise Islands) exposition with its giant aquarium. And if the kids are tired of watching animals, you can take them to Děčín Water Park for some fun in the water.

Day trips around Děčín

Děčín is situated in North Bohemia on the Elbe River, just a stone's throw away from a Czech national park: Bohemian Switzerland. It is one of the youngest national parks and lies along the German border, where it joins the Saxon Switzerland national park. The main subject for conservation in the park are the unique rock formation towns, and the related diversity of plants and animals. Rocky ridges, canyons, sandstone towers, and mesas are characteristic features of this area. At an elevation of 120 metres above sea level, the surface of the Elbe River in Hřensko north of Děčín is also its lowest point in the Czech Republic.

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