Golden trail

Golden trail

Discover the beauty of the Golden Trail

Since the Middle Ages, the historic Golden Trail has connected Bohemia with the Danube. It was named after the wealth it brought – after salt, the white gold, which then was rare in Bohemia and had to be imported from Bavaria. The system of routes had three main branches. From Passau they led to Prachatice, to Vimpersk and to Kašperské hory. And today, you still can follow these historic trails and get acquainted with the unique nature and unique sights of the "Green Roof of Europe" – the Šumava Mountains and the adjacent Bavarian Forest. If you are looking for the right place for your active holiday, the Golden Trail is the ideal choice!

Embark on a journey

The Golden Trail offers 631 km of newly marked hiking trails and is connected to the network of the same name in eastern Bavaria (Goldsteig) by thirteen cross-border routes including the three historic ones. The hike will lead you through the South Bohemia and Plzeň regions along the routes marked by the Czech Tourist Club. You will recognize the Golden Trail routes by the orange "S" trail logo, which represents the main route, and the blue "S" trail logo for connecting and feeding trails. And the Golden Trail will not disappoint you even if you are a lover of castles, chateaux, museums, ruins, and beautiful views. If you add good food and drink to it, your experience will be unbeatable.

The Green roof of Europe will surprise you

Whether you are an experienced or recreational hiker, if you like to walk alone, in a couple or with a group of friends, there is something for everyone. You can enjoy one stage of the trail or spend a week on a long-distance hike! For example, can take the historic route of the old salt trade route through the Šumava National Park through České Žleby, Stožecká luka and the village of Dobrá to the mountain town of Volary with its typical timbered houses. From Volary all the way to Prachatice, the Renaissance pearl of the South Bohemian region. If you want to learn more about the history of the trail, visit the interactive exposition of the Golden Trail in the local Prachatice Museum, which will introduce you to the salt trade in times long past.

There are many ways to go

At  you can see in detail the individual stages, their length, elevation and attractive places on the way. Use the interactive map, you can then plan your trip according to your own condition and what you enjoy and are interested in the most. Whether you want to go for a short walk, have a free weekend or plan to spend more time away from the daily hustle and bustle and duties, the Golden Trail awaits you.

Experience the Golden Trail for yourself

The landscape of the Šumava and the Bohemian Forest is extremely picturesque and beautiful. See for yourself and set off on the Golden Trail. More information can be found at


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