Child of Prague

Child of Prague

Have the Child of Prague make your wish come true

The Church of Our Lady Victorious in the Lesser Quarter comes across as relatively austere at first glance. But a treasure is hidden away in its interior which basks in the admiration of millions of people all over the planet. Every day, hundreds of believers bow before the charming statue of the Child of Prague, known throughout the Christian world as Bambino di Praga. They come believing they will find help, to be cured, to wish for peace, some expecting a child and others returning to give thanks. Why don’t you come and see it too? Maybe your most secret of wishes will also come true!

The wax statue which is attributed miraculous powers comes from Spain. Legend tells that a certain monk, who the infant Jesus appeared to in this form, had it made. The Infant Jesus made his way to Prague thanks to the Spanish duchess Maria Manrique de Lara who got married to a Czech. Her bereaved daughter then donated the rare statue to the convent of Barefoot Carmelites at the Church of Our Lady Victorious.

A small statue of great importance

When you come to look at the statue of the Child of Prague, you might be surprised by its size. It is in fact only 45 centimetres in height, although its spiritual importance far exceeds the borders of the Czech Republic. It is above all worshipped in the countries of Southern Europe, in Latin America and also in the Philippines. The statue even had some merit in the unification of this country four hundred years ago. This is to say that the gift of a replica of the Child of Prague helped the local missionaries to create a common image and thus achieve the desired goal.

Which one do you like best?

White at Easter, purple during advent and red on White Sunday. These are only a few of the many gowns you can see on the statue of the Child of Prague throughout the year. The most beautiful gowns are decorated with pearls, gold and diamonds; others come from as far away as China or Vietnam. In the small local museum, you can even see a gown which was embroidered by the hand by Empress Maria Theresa. One of the three little crowns worn by the Infant Jesus was even donated by Pope Benedict XVI.

Hundreds of years of faith and hope

When you are wandering through the winding lanes of the Lesser Quarter, take a moment to come and bow down before the statue, the charm and faith held in which have already helped people across the continents for hundreds of years. Whether the legends about the most important pilgrimage site in Prague are true or not, a tour of the church here and a viewing of the Child of Prague, which is admired by the whole world, will fill you with inner peace and a feeling that everything will turn out as it should.


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