The magnificent Baroque library in Prague, situated close to Prague Castle and Petřín Hill regularly appears in lists of places that are well worth seeing at least once in your life. Strahov Monastery, in which the library is located, was founded as early as the 12th century and ranks among the oldest monasteries in Czech lands that still serve their purpose and are home to monks. The monastery is open to the public all year round and tours are held almost every day.  

Theological Hall

The oldest part of today's library is called the Theological Hall, founded between 1671 and 1674. You will find there mainly theological writings as well as various translations and publications of the Bible. The room was built at the time of Early Baroque and visitors will be impressed by its unique frescoes and stucco ceiling decorations.

Philosophical Hall

The arched main hall is the largest room of the whole monastery library, with an area of 10 x 32 metres. It takes up two floors of the building and has a truly monumental appearance. It was built in the High Baroque period, in the years 1783 to 1785. In the Philosophical Hall, you can admire books, richly decorated furniture and the ceiling with frescoes depicting the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Cabinet of Curiosities

In the corridor connecting the two halls there is a cabinet of curiosities, a predecessor of today's museums. Here, significant visitors to the monastery could admire interesting products of nature and curious collections that served for scientific purposes.


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