Wallenstein Palace and Garden
When walking around the streets of Lesser Town, the most picturesque quarter of Prague, you should not miss the chance to see Wallenstein Palace and its garden. The complex is one of the most prominent buildings of the Czech Early Baroque period. Today, Wallenstein Palace is the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic. The garden has become a pleasant place for relaxation for locals, and a venue for cultural events hosted by the Senate. The complex also includes the Wallenstein Riding School, which nowadays hosts some of the best exhibitions in town.  
The construction of the palace and garden in 1623 - 1630 was commissioned by Albrecht of Wallenstein, one of the richest and most powerful Czech noblemen of the time. His intention was to build a palace that would equal, in terms of size and grandeur, Prague Castle, the then residence of the Czech King. He invited Italian architects and craftsmen who constructed an urban palace in the Early Baroque style, undeniably monumental for its time. The facade features hundreds of both real and blind windows as well as  dozens of portals, dormers and stucco elements. Part of the decoration is the motif of a lion’s head - a symbol from the original owner’s heraldic coat of arms, also featured on the wooden gates and doors. The interiors are also decorated in Baroque style - the ceilings are adorned with abundant stuccos and frescoes depicting dynamic figures in movement.

Oasis of rest and art in the busy city

The entrance to the Palace Garden is right next to the Malostranská metro station. It is open to the public from April to October. You can rest there before going up to Prague Castle and enjoy its Baroque design with Mannerist statues and carefully maintained trees. Your children will love the pond with ornamental fish and the peacocks roaming about freely in the garden. The design of the garden has not changed very much since the time when it was founded. In its eastern part, you will find a sala terrena hosting cultural events for the public on summer evenings.

When at the palace, you should also visit some of the exhibitions hosted in the Wallenstein Riding School. Its interiors have been adapted into a gallery and several exhibitions are staged there every year.


Valdštejnské nám. 17/4, 118 01 Praha-Malá Strana