Palace Gardens in Prague

Palace Gardens in Prague

Get to know a little piece of paradise in the Palace Gardens in the Lesser Quarter

The fragrance of bushes in bloom, the rustling of branches in the wind, elegant architecture, fountains, winding stairways, proud peacocks warming themselves in the sun and breathtaking views. These are the Palace Gardens in Prague, some of the most beautiful the city of a hundred spires has to offer. Enter an intimate world of unearthly calm and get to know one of the wonders of European landscape gardening!

The gardens on the southern slope under Prague Castle were created gradually from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. The five most beautiful gardens were renovated at great cost in recent years and connected into one harmonious whole. A unique space was thus created, spreading out over sloping terrain, where you can relax undisturbed or look out over the city below you. If you are romantic at heart and long for the perfect wedding, you can say your “I do” right here.

The perfect harmony of nature and architecture

The most famous of the five palace gardens is the Ledeburk Garden. Here, you can have a pleasant seat in the shade of the Sala Terrena or enjoy a unique cultural experience in the form of many concerts which are held here. Make sure to visit the Small Pálffy and Kolowrat Garden, especially in the spring, which blossom beautifully every year thanks to the many fruit trees. Their bigger sister – the Large Pálffy Garden is on the other hand unique in its Baroque garden art with beautiful circular fountain. Those with a romantic streak will be delighted by the sight of the Fürstenberk Garden, which was created on the site of a former vineyard. Climb the small tower at the top of the cascading terraces and reward yourself with a view you won’t forget for a long time.

A garden you will want to get lost in

Have the gardens of Prague enchanted you so much that you don’t want to return to everyday reality? In that case, you should visit the other gardens to be found in the area around Prague Castle! Possibly the most beautiful of all is the Baroque Vrtba Garden, located on the slope of Petřín. You will find so much charm and beauty here that you would look in vain to find anything similar anywhere in Europe. Get yourself sitting comfortably and appreciate the unique symphony of connected stairways, flower beds, the gloriette with a view and the masterful decorative statues.

Who can find the frog?

Do the sloping gardens in Prague seem difficult to get to for you? You can enter one of the most beautiful gardens right from the street at the foot of Prague Castle. The Valdštejn (Wallenstein) Garden is one of the most popular places to have a rest in the centre of Prague and thanks to its magnificence, it enjoys a great deal of interest from tourists from all over the world. The colossal Sala Terrena here frequently plays host to concerts, the carefully maintained geometry of the lawns is decorated with statues and there is even an aviary here with birds of prey, or you can engage your fantasy looking for animals on the wall of the artificial cave.