The garden of the Wallenstein Palace in Prague
You can find out for yourself why the Wallenstein Garden (in the premises of the Wallenstein Palace, the Prague residence of the famous general and duke Albrecht von Wallenstein) is considered one of the most prominent representatives of early Baroque in the Czech Republic. Garden of the Wallenstein Palace, which is currently the seat of the Czech Senate, is the perfect place for relaxation. You can listen to the bubbling water, shrieking peacocks, echoing music – or to the stories told by the epic frescoes on the walls.
The garden is divided into several sections. You can marvel at its three fountains, a number of embossed vases and replicas of the original statues by the Dutch sculptor Adriaen De Vries. The pond contains various fish species that swim around an artificial island with a statue of Hercules. The most outstanding feature of the garden is probably the artificial dripstone wall with grottoes. The artificial cave, where aviaries with owls are also located, is remarkably elaborate – a good observer can discover faces of people, animals and other creatures among the dripstones. You will also have peacocks and wild ducks as spectacular guides to help you find your way through the garden. In the summer season, there are various events taking place in the garden pavilion. You can, for example, visit the concerts of the Cultural Summer.


Valdštejnské náměstí 17/4 118 01 Praha 1