Mountain hiking in the Jeseníky Mountains
The Jeseníky Mountains offer a paradise full of natural treasures and hundreds of well marked routes for hikers and cyclists, along with countless educational trails, caves, waterfalls and viewing towers. It is a rough but at the same time romantic landscape that will win you over at first glance. You simply must visit the Králický Sněžník, Praděd and Rejvíz protected natural reservations, while the healing springs at spa towns will refresh and restore you. You too should try active relaxation in the Jeseníky Mountains!

Discover the beautiful Bílá Opava valley

The Bílá Opava educational trail, which is around 6km in length, includes several bridges, sets of steps and benches in close proximity to waterfalls. The highest of them is about 8m and is followed by rapids, seeing a fall of a full 20m along a 40m section. Alongside romantic spots in a pine forest, rapids, cascades and rock formations, deep stream pools and rock outcrops have developed there. The trail passes through famous Jeseníky spruce trees with typical narrow cylindrical to column-shaped crowns and S-shaped sagging branches that incline downwards and at a slant.

From Praděd to Červenohorské sedlo and Vřesová studánka

Rising above the Jeseníky Mountains is Praděd, Moravia’s highest mountain. Its viewing tower’s glassed-in surfaces offer a spectacular panorama that includes Mount Sněžka, Kralický Sněžník, and the Beskids, along with a view of the shiny surfaces of the reservoir of the Dlouhé stráně electric power station. From Praděd we recommend a trip to Červenohorské sedlo, which begins with a descent into the Divoká Desná valley. Its name translates as wild and terrible, so expect an untamed journey through a craggy cavern with a roaring, cascading stream.

Another option is a route leading you by the Švýcárna hikers’ cottage, which was converted from a shepherd’s chalet into a classic mountain cottage. From the cottage on Červenohorské sedlo you can continue on to Vřesová studánka, known for its miraculous water that restored an injured deer and allowed it to escape from hunters. Your reward for completing the route will be a view of the majestic massif of Vozka and Keprník.

Where to next?

The Rejvíz protected reservation offers a view into a world in which mankind doesn’t play the lead role. Rejvíz is home to rare flora and fauna and Moravia’s largest peat bog complex, which features two charming little lakes. The Rychlebské Mountains are known for the Nýznerovské Waterfalls and the Šafářovu skálu rock. And at the spa town of Karlova Studánka you can enjoy some refreshment at the Pavillon Wilhelmsquell by imbibing water from healing springs named after famous personalities.


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