Jazz Republic

Jazz Republic

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of a jazz club in the very centre of Prague

The music club Jazz Republic has held concerts since 1997 pretty much without a break. Aside from providing a space for predominantly Czech musicians, the club management has also introduced foreign artists representing multiple genres to the Prague audience.
A number of remembrances of unforgettable concerts, signed posters and photographs decorate the club and form its unique atmosphere. It is mainly the concert dramaturgy that determines the character of the Jazz Republic and is unique in Europe and probably even in the whole world.

The Jazz Republic cooperates with 30 top Czech jazz musicians, who as residential artists compose ad-hoc music formations performed at the club. Each concert is therefore special because it will never repeat itself with the specific constitution and repertoire. This is the tribute to the jazz music, its basic constructive process and musical improvisations.



Jazz Republic
Jilská 1a
110 00 Praha 1