Beer Museum in Prague

Beer Museum in Prague

Not every museum necessarily has to be boring as anyone can see for themselves in the Beer Museum.

Beer is the beverage which made the Czech Republic famous worldwide. And Czechs are also famous for drinking the most beer in the world, which should come as no shock at all, since this country produces brands such as Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar, Staropramen, Starobrno, Krušovice and many others. Not surprisingly, such a beer culture has its own museums. One of them is located directly in Prague.  

Exploring beer in the Old Town

Located in the middle of the Old Town is the Beer Museum, where you can learn more about the production and history of Czech beer. The brewery model illustrates how malt is made and what is done with the hops. Your tour of the museum will be spiced up by the true smell of beer and enhanced by video presentations and realistic figurines in an authentic environment. And of course there is the beer tasting, included in the admission fee!


In beautiful vaulted cellars of this 13th century building you will be able to treat your taste buds to several types of beer and special beers in a tavern which will make you feel as if you travelled two centuries back in time. And that’s not all - you will be able to see what pubs used to look like before the Velvet Revolution.

Bottle your own beer

In the Beer Museum you can produce your own original souvenir. You will get a bottle, fill it with beer using special equipment, design your own label and then take home beer meant especially for those who most appreciate quality and originality.