The Czech Republic has a long tradition of film. The first movies were filmed here in the late 19th century, at the time still black and white and silent. Thanks to this long tradition as well as the development of film studios in Prague prior to World War II, which made film into a true industry, the Czech Republic is today a place directors from all over the world enjoy filming their movies. Sometimes Czech monuments star as themselves, at other times, they take on the role of scenery, and the film takes place somewhere else. We will show you the places that you may be able to recognise from movies.  

Amadeus (1984)

Miloš Forman's Oscar Award-winning film is a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music. Mozart really did stay in Prague and had friends here that would come to visit, however, the streets of Prague in the film played the role as a backdrop of Vienna. But where was the movie filmed? Most of the places can be encountered around Prague: the Estates Theatre, Lesser Town alleys, the Strahov Monastery Library, and the Wallenstein Palace. However, part of the movie was filmed in Moravia, specifically in Kroměříž, where the Archbishop's Chateau represented the Viennese court.

Kolya (1996)

One of several Czech films that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. The plot takes place in Czechoslovakia at the end of the Communist regime, and narrates the story of the growing relationship between an aging man and his stepson. Most of the locations are found in Prague; you will see the Vinohrady Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in Central Europe, Wenceslaus Square, as well as Petřín.

Les Misérables (1998)

Danish director Bille August adapted Victor Hugo's novel into an epic historical film, replete with magnificent backdrops, sets, and costumes. It was filmed in Prague and Kutná Hora. In the film, you will see such things as the view of Hradčany Square from the Prague Castle, as well as the view of Barborská Street, which leads past today's GASK Gallery to the Church of St Barbara, which are UNESCO monuments.

Lovers in Prague (2005)

Ten years ago, this Korean romantic television series was the stimulus for Koreans' interest in Prague. And deservedly so. The story takes place right in the Czech metropolis, and follows the fates of a Korean diplomat and the heir of a business empire.

The Illusionist (2006)

In this film, the role of Vienna was played by Prague. The illusion was flawless. The historical film with Edward Norton in the lead role reveals the fateful love story tested by suffering and the rather dark vision of the end of the 19th century. There were many film locations, which is why you can catch glimpses of Český Krumlov with its medieval centre, Latrán, as well as Tábor, the Dobříš chateau, and Konopiště.

Lidice (2011)

The village of Lidice lies in Central Bohemia, near Prague. On maps from 1942, the village stands a few hundred metres further than it does today. This is because that year, the town was completely razed to the ground by Hitler's armies. Restoration did not begin until after the war. The story of Lidice was filmed by Czech director Petr Nikolaev, whose star shone bright with this picture at a number of film festivals. Some of the scenes were filmed right in Lidice, however, most of them come from other locales, such as Zubrnice, Roudnice nad Labem, and Prague.

Somewhere Only We Know (2015)

The main character of this Chinese romantic film is a girl named Jin Ying, who left to study in Prague, where her grandmother once lived. She makes friends with a young Chinese man who had already been living in Prague for several years. And thus the romantic story is born. The movie was filmed primarily in Prague's Lesser Town and Old Town. The views of Prague in the film perfectly underline the romantic atmosphere of the story.